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Florence to Venice

May 29 to June 4

Row on the Arno in Florence, be coached by Olympians from Italy and Holland and row in The Vogalonga in Venice to finish the trip.

Begin the trip by unwinding under the Ponte Vecchio and exploring the streets of Florence.  The group will stay in a fabulous hotel/villa with a pool and amazing rooms.  Each day will be filled with rowing and the ability to explore and really get immersed in the culture of Italy.

Plan a trip for your group

There are an infinite number of trips available to small and large groups.  We would like to work with your group to find a trip to meet your needs.  There are options like training at one of the European training centers in France, Spain, Germany or Italy.   Or planning a leisurely rowing tour where your group rows from town to town each night exploring and enjoying a new location.  There are many rivers in Europe all with unique reasons to explore.  Prague to Dresden or rowing down the wine country of Germany.  Contact us to discuss options for your trip with your group.

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