July 9 to July 23, 2017

Cost: $4,100 or Early Registration $3,950

The French Camp will focus equally on Language and rowing will focus on sculling.  Athletes must enjoy rowing and want to improve daily.  culling is not mandatory, but a desire to train and improve is required.

Language immersion

Language is best learned when you have time to hear it spoken by native speakers and are encouraged to speak to communicate.  We hire rowers, with the same passion as the athletes to teach them about rowing, speak to them about life and take them around Seville to explore and practice their language skills.   For two to three hours a day for most of the trip, the athlete will spend time working on their speaking and comprehension skills.  In 2015 the athletes felt they learned a greater mastery of the language during this time than they had ever gained during school.  Being able to speak and listen and hear the native language increased their comprehension immensly.


  • Rowing daily from a rowing club in Annecy.
  • Learning language, practice speaking and listening comprehension daily
  • Touring the french alps with our group and enjoying all that the alps have to offer.
  • Day Trip to chamonix and up to the top of the Aguille du Midi and hiking into Italy.
  • Day trip hiking up to a refuge on Mount Blanc to savour the best cheese fondue ever.
  • Shopping and exploring the town of Annecy
  • All water activities on the lake.

Typical Itinerary Annecy

 7am - Breakfast

7 to 11 - Morning Row & land workout

11:00am - Return to housing for showers

12:00pm - Lunch

1 to 7pm - Conversational language classes& Touring trips around Annecy 

7pm - Dinner

8:30pm - Evening Activity

10:00pm - Bedtime