Traveling abroad is eye-opening and life changing -
— Parent of a Row Abroad Athlete
Touring on the Danube, exiting a lock

Touring on the Danube, exiting a lock



June 12- 25

Tour down a German River
Make life-long friends with German High School Athletes
Experience Berlin
Row out of 110 year old rowing club in Berlin

The tour begins at the Rowing club on the Wannsee Berlin, (Rowing club at the Wannsee eV,  Scabellstraße 8,  14109 Berlin) with full room board and boats.  The athletes will row twice a day with educational touring of Berlin on bikes done during the middle of the day. Rowing twice a day will improve the sculling strokes of all the participants of the program.  Video review and individual coaching will be a part of the program.  The athletes and coaches will then pack up and go with a German team from Osnabruck and tour down one of the German rivers (river to be announced soon).  The rowing tour will involve rowing between 30 and 40km per day in coxed touring quads.  The athletes will be mixed with the Germans for the rowing and will be staying in camping style with the German rowers during the rowing tour.    At the end of the rowing tour they will have the ability to spend time with the German athletes at their homes in Osnabrück and spend a few days immersing themselves in the German culture.  This is a once in a lifetime event.

Touring in Germany

Touring in Germany

Fun rowing at the Spanish National Training Center in Sevilla

Fun rowing at the Spanish National Training Center in Sevilla

Sevilla, Spain

June 25-July 8

Rowing & Language Immersion

Train at the Spanish National Training Center
Row & Train next to the Spanish National Team
Speak Spanish daily - Enhance your language skills

Rowing at the national training center in Sevilla is one of the many things that make this a great trip.  Sevilla has been hosting national athletes training from many different countries for years.   training center side by side with the Spanish national team as well as athletes from many other nations who come to train at the facility.    Teaching the athletes to scull and steer and be responsible for their boats is a skill that develops the skills and creates independent, motivated athletes.  The rowing will focus on sculling.  Athletes must have at least one year of competitive rowing.  Sculling is not mandatory, but a desire to train and improve is required.

Language Classes include outings to see the sights of Sevilla at night

Language Classes include outings to see the sights of Sevilla at night

Language immersion

Language is best learned when you have time to hear it spoken by native speakers and are encouraged to speak to communicate.  We hire rowers, with the same passion as the athletes to teach them about rowing, speak to them about life and take them around Seville to explore and practice their language skills.   For two to three hours a day for most of the trip, the athlete will spend time working on their speaking and comprehension skills.  In 2015 the athletes felt they learned a greater mastery of the language during this time than they had ever gained during school.  Being able to speak and listen and hear the native language increased their comprehension.

My child went to Europe an unmotivated child and returned with maturity and confidence and the motivation to succeed in School. The life lessons learned from traveling abroad are unimaginable.
— Parent of a child on German Exchange