Safety at Row Abroad


Choosing a summer camp for high school teenagers is a big decision and safety is the most overriding concern for all of us.  Row Abroad has the responsibility to carefully qualify, select, train and supervise trip leaders.  The coaches hired embrace their responsibility as guardians of the students.   Row Abroad leaders have all excelled at leading athletes on trips and have had many years of overseas experience with all ages and abilities of rowers.  The coaches are highly motivated role models with extensive experience working with teenagers.   All leaders have achieved their undergraduate degrees and some even have a masters degree. We only select high achievers with a proven history of leadership with youth.  Leaders participate in an intensive trip leader training which focuses on safety, success working teenagers and leadership responsibility.

Select Students

Only motivated and committed students are accepted into the program.  A thorough screening program allows us to select students who are interested in the activities we are offering. 

  • Two adult references, including one from your school and one from your rowing coach(completed online).
  • A ten-minute camper telephone/Skype interview.
  • A ten-minute parent telephone/skype interview.

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Row Abroad activities are carefully planned and we evaluate and re-evaluate.  Because Row Abroad will include rowing, water safety is important.  The focus of our safety strategy is to create a culture of safety with our staff, partners and students through education, training and information dissemination, communication, contingency plans, protocols, training, and internal reviews.


Summer camp travel teaches a variety of skills, values and character traits. Row Abroad carefully mentors teenagers to work together more cooperatively, resolve conflicts more effectively, assume greater responsibility and become more self-reliant and self-confident.  Travel is a powerful environment to strengthen children's character development. Row Abroad is a trip where a teenager can safely satisfy their need for independence, physical activity, and foreign language learning in a community environment.

Teens learn about living, working and playing together and making positive contributions to the world away from their family, friends and school. In addition, campers typically learn a healthy respect for a different culture.  Row Abroad opens doors, exposing teens to possibilities and opportunities. Teens are taken to a new place, away from routine and family where they experience the real value of teamwork, friendship and challenges. We all want to be a part of something bigger and more important than ourselves. We offer students a head start on the road to independence and adulthood.


Row Abroad has been entrusted with the care and education of its students while traveling. The physical and emotional health and welfare of students is Row Abroad's highest priority. Our risk management plan includes several key components: quality staff, informed students and contingency planning.


Row Abroad will only hire staff with experience working with youth and have relevant rowing or language experience.  Leaders are aware of student medical histories, potential hazards, and Row Abroad's safety and risk management protocols are meticulously review during a yearly staff training.


Engaging in rowing involves inherent risks.  While Row Abroad cannot guarantee safety, it can and does strive to manage the associated risks and inform its students of those risks. Row abroad teaches students how to recognize and manage risks and minimize potentially dangerous situations. Students know they are expected to conduct themselves responsibly by promoting their own safety and well‐being as well as that of other participants and leaders within the program. Students play an important role in our risk management practices.


The lead staff member will be available via cell phone & via e-mail during all summer trips.  Trip Leaders carry medical kits with trips at all times, as well as emergency contact numbers for local emergency services.

Emergency Response

Before departing, trip Leaders discuss the decision-making hierarchy to handle any emergency that may arise.   Mobile phones will be carried on all trips.  Row Abroad will know where the nearest hospital is and how to activate any emergency response that might be necessary.  Together our staff creates an emergency procedure plan to think about what to do if the worst happens.