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Kate Attended the Row Abroad program in Spain in 2016 after rowing her novice year at the Oakland Strokes.  It was in Spain that Kate learned to scull and spent 2 weeks learning and training with the coaches in Spain.  Upon her return she sat in the Oakland Strokes Varstiy 8+ for her Junior year and attended nationals in a 4x.  During the summer of 2017 she was selected to represent the United States of America in the women's 4x at the U19 World Championships. 

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Amanda attended Row Abroad after her novice year.  Spending time 

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Quincy attended both the Spain camp and the German camp.  She spent the entire summer enjoying the European rowing experience.  Upon returning to the states she found herself as an integral part of the Oakland Strokes Varsity 8+.  She attended Nationals and won many medals in her years in High School and is now an integral part of the UCLA rowing Program.  She began her studies in 2016 at UCLA and in her freshman year was in the JV 8+.


Jessica & Sophie

Jessica and Sophie attended the Spain camp in 2016 and learned so much they wanted to row a double at their high School.  It led to an amazing experience and here is a quote from Jessica's mother:  

"I had to take a few minutes just to thank you once again.  Jessica and Sophie rowed with Row Abroad program 2016 in Spain made it to nationals in the woman's jv double today.  How exciting this is for everyone.  Thank you for a great start to Jessica's sculling!"