June 30 to July 13, 2019

Cost: $4,100 or Early Registration $3,950

Trip will have between 12 and 24 athletes

There will be one coach per 8 athletes

No Rowing Experience Necessary...Come learn to row and have an amazing experience in Spain!

How Will this spain trip change my child?

Two weeks at the Spanish National Training Center in Seville.  Training & living alongside olympians, while learning Spanish from locals and exploring a city rich in culture.  The coaching staff is composed from top collegiate and junior coaches from across the United States.  The camp will work with each rower to teach sound technical rowing while living in an international and stimulating athletic environment.  The athletes row, eat, sleep, and experience Spain on a unique level at the training center.  The coaches work to develop the campers physically, mentally and technically, giving them the best shot at performing for their team and, if they desire, for college.  Our coaches help our campers begin to navigate the collegiate rowing experience & recruitment process.  Campers will leave the experience with a full evaluation, giving them ideas on how to capitalize on their strengths how to improve.

Rowing abroad in Germany formed a special bond with my teammates who were there and helped me become more open with other people
— isabelle '16

To build rowing skills and technique athletes need time and lots of practice.  Two practices each day allow the coaches to share information on all things related to rowing and athlete development.  The coaches speak about the importance of recovery, nutrition and college recruitment, as well as sharing any other information that our campers are interested in learning.

The coaches work to focus on the needs of the campers.  Before camp begins everyone creates personalized goals, depending on their own level of expertise and where they want to be when they leave Spain.  Our coaches then work with each camper individually, helping everyone to meet or exceed these goals.  The entire staff works hard to make sure every camper develops and grows throughout the process.   Campers develop personal relationships with the coaches and language teachers, and create a bond with their fellow athletes that creates lifelong friendships.

A unique aspect of this rowing camp is the language immersion.  In Seville, participants will spend time each day learning to speak and converse in Spanish.  Our teachers ensure that everyone leaves with a greater understanding of the language and culture than they had before they arrived.  The trip accommodates all levels of Spanish speakers from beginning to advanced focusing on the goal of improvement and comfort in listening to and speaking the language.

Language immersion

Spanish rowers, who speak very little english, but who love their city and their language will teach language with a passion to show the athletes their Sevilla, touring them through the city,  speaking Spanish to the athletes.  For two hours a day, the athlete will spend time working on their speaking and comprehension skills.  In previous years the athletes felt they developed a greater mastery of the language during this time and felt their comprehension and vocabulary increased substantially over the two weeks.


Athletes will stay at the National Training Center Residence where meals, laundry and air conditioned rooms are available.  The rowing center is adjacent to the the facility.  The athletes will be housed 2 or 3 to a room and supplies sheets and towels.   The athletes will only room with other Row Abroad participants and Row Abroad also will have chaperones who will take the athletes around Sevilla, experiencing the Cathedral, the Bull Ring and all the other cultural parts of Sevilla.   

What is included in the Trip Price?

Almost all of the expenses will be covered with the cost of the trip.  The only thing the kids will need will be some extra snacks and any personal shopping they want to experience.   The Row Abroad price includes all transportation when we travel around Sevilla, either on bikes or by public bus.  Hotel rooms which will house 2 or three athletes each.   Each day the athletes will eat Breakfast and lunch at the Training Center.  For dinner, some nights the athletes will eat at the training center and other nights we will explore different parts of the city. as a group and let the athletes go and experience new cuisine every day.  We will give the kids money to eat dinner at night orSome nights will be less, some more, but eating out in Sevilla has proven to be a very enjoyable part of the trip.  Also included will be a day trip to Cadiz to spend a day on the beach, enjoying a warm and enjoyable day swimming in the ocean.  

What is not included in the trip price?

Athletes will be responsible for any extra snacks or food they will need.  The athletes will have access to a grocery store for snacks and there will be plenty of opportunity to purchase souvenir's etc...


Rowing twice a day at the Spanish National Training Center 

Live in the same hotel as the Spanish National Team and the Spanish National Canoe/Kayak Team

Meeting Spanish rowers and learning to speak with them Conversational Language 

Touring Seville with your conversational language group.

Day Trip to the beach town of Cadiz

Tour of Madrid

Typical Itinerary In Seville

 7am - Breakfast

8 to 10:30 - Morning Row & Run

10:30am - Return to housing for showers & Break

1:00pm - Row #2

2:30pm - Lunch

4:00pm to 6pm - Relaxing & Swimming 

6:30pm to 8:30pm - Conversational language & Touring Seville 

8:30pm - Dinner in Sevilla

10:00pm or so...kids will be ready for bed!!